Tuesday, November 10, 2015


I had a moment recently when I was looking at the water dragon painting, contemplating how to make it better, when I realized that I hadn't done something like this in a while. Namely meditating on art. It's not like other forms of meditation, in that you are actively waiting to understand what needs to happen next in a painting, music, sculpture, etc. I never called it "meditation" whilst I was in college--that sounded too intentional, too formulaic. But now that I no longer daily work and live in an art environment I've stopped doing this action. All that is to say, when looking at the water dragon I realized that I wanted more of this active waiting, this meditation--and art. I have missed creating art, missed the action, the struggle, the joy.

This desire drove me to creating with the simplest tools that I am constantly coming back to: ink and paper. I didn't begin with the intention of creating anything besides marks on paper, and ultimately, I'm not sure that I created anything more than that. But it is satisfying in the most visceral fashion I can fathom.

Meditation 1. India ink & pen on paper

Meditation 2. India ink & pen on paper

Meditation 3. India ink & pen on paper

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