Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Testing . 1 . 2

I have started painting again which is nice, after a year long hiatus. I started on acrylics since that was what I had on hand. I painted two small images from a blog that I immensely enjoy ( http://needled.wordpress.com ) and gave the first one (Bruce) to Clara for her birthday. I sent the other one in a letter to a friend.

Acrylic on cardstock.

Acrylic on cardstock

Then I decided to purchase some gouache after seeing its matte qualities in use on Bruce the black lab. I did one painting based on an image from the Sartorialist and thought the learning curve awfully steep. Then I did another painting based on a photo from the Sartorialist with less yellow.

And after being frustrated with the yellow and red not drying and staying shiny I realized that, like an imbecile, I had mistakenly purchased a deep yellow and an alizarin crimson tube of watercolor paint. Not gouache. Sad sad sad. So until I have the time to go back to the art store I am stuck with a cold yellow and a cold red. But what better to depict in this predicament but: Cold Space.

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