Monday, January 31, 2011

Cold Hard Cache

I was lucky enough to get a scanner as a graduation gift and have finally been able to make images of my art and doodling (images?). I went through my past illustrations and things that I've created in the past six years or so, being a little picky but not exceptionally picky. Anyways, check out this giant backlog of my work!

Here is what I did for my senior project in high school. Circa 2005. Watercolor and ink on cold press watercolor paper.

And two linework pieces. Ink on bristol board.



Two CD jackets that I illustrated for a friend (these are not, in any way, the official jackets for these albums, they are my own creation). Both are ink on bristol board.


And these are a portion of the illustrations I've been working on lately. I was told my computer comes with a particular photo stitching software which it does: for PC. And I don't know anyone who owns a PC, let alone myself. I didn't realize this was conditional. Anyways, I'm trying to rectify this situation because I can't just have partially recorded and archived images.


Computers are still a learning process. I feel similarly about computers as I do sports: Some people are really good at them, I am not. So these things take some time to work out the kinks. At any rate, this is a start.

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